Cameron Highlands: Trekking & Relaxing

By Alan

Cameron Highlands, a hill station about 2 hours out of Kuala Lumpur. This place is a must visit if you’re heading to Malaysia. Around two nights is enough to take in the small town and another day to hike one of the trails. In between all that there’s strawberry farms and tea plantations to relax. I spent 3 nights and the last day a few of us just wandered and hit an underwhelming waterfall.

Tanah Rata & Bringchang

Both of these small towns have a similar feel so there’s no right or wrong answer for which one to stay in. Each has a variety of restaurants, shops, and accommodation.

I stayed in the Bringchang area which had quite a few small local restaurants for a quick bite. There’s not much else to do in the town other than sleep and eat. The rest of the attractions will require either a cab ride or a walk to the trails.

Trail #1

I met Chris and Minesh on the bus and we decided to do a hike together on the second day. Chris was staying in a hostel and gathered another group to join us. We ended up being a group of 10 ready to tackle the trek up the mountain.

Be prepared to get your hands and shoes dirty. This “hike” is more of a trek with lots of climbing and walking through mud.

I’ll save the long version to tell in person but we basically got lost for 2 hours going around wrong trails before figuring out the right path. Which happened to be right where we started! One guy actually left after that fiasco so the 9 of us moved on.

The real trail was alot tougher than the first half since it heads straight up for the top of the mountain. There are some flat and downhill parts but going down meant more going up. It’s only a 2km trail but still took us 2 hours since every step had to be methodical. I didn’t get much shots since my hands were busy saving me from slipping (I think everyone fell at least once).

The summit had a beautiful view of the forest mountains.

The end of the hike leads to a windy road back down to the town. Well this road takes about 3 hours to get back and we thought there’d be taxis at the top. HA, that would be too easy..get your ass to walking!

About an hour in we hit a strawberry farm with some goats. There was one in the creek not moving tangled in his own leash! 🙁 We quickly untangled him and moved him out of the water but he still wasn’t moving… When we got the strawberry farm we told the owners and they rushed to the goat. Luckily everything was fine and on our way back the goat was just standing there shocked… staring at the creek like bitch you almost killed me.

Oh yeah the strawberry farm was pretty cool too. We picked fresh strawberries which were super sweet!

Another half an hour of walking and we were saved! A local had a pickup truck and we all jumped in the back for a ride back to town. We all agreed when one of us said “this would’ve been a shitty walk back”.


Really nothing to rave about. It’s not a place you go to expecting amazing food. Although I did have a decent steamboat dinner (called hot pot back home). It’s more about enjoying the outdoors and scenery.

Onto a quick 2 night stopover in Ipoh!