Ipoh: Maintenance & Stopover

By Alan

Ipoh, a small town about two hours in between Cameron Highlands and Penang. I made a stop here since it was in between Penang but mostly because I heard there’s some good food here to try. The food here was good, nothing amazing but the people and small town atmosphere made a great weekend getaway.

I stayed mostly in old town for my two nights and wandered the area. There’s not too much attractions to do within the town and I had no intention to venture out much to do a day trip. My goal here was to enjoy some food and have a rest/maintenance day.


They definitely have some specialty stuff here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Chicken bean sprouts was something that’s worth trying.
This dessert to fu fai was the highlight of my food here. We have it back home but it’s rarely fresh and even then does not taste as good as this.

The Town

The locals were really friendly and welcoming. It helped alot since I spoke Cantonese and there’s a big Chinese population here (where don’t we populate..).

Along some buildings are random street art that deserves a look.

Maintenance Day

I don’t know the official term but this is what I call it. Traveling long term is different than a 2-3 week vacation. With a vacation you can go all out everyday and maximize sightseeing, etc. You end up burnt out at the end of it but it’s worth it to enjoy it all!

Well, good luck doing that 4+ months traveling without burning out. There needs to be a day of relaxing and taking care of errands at least once every two weeks. That means laundry, research and booking future stops, restocking toiletries, laying around, and for me taking care of my business. Long term traveling is a marathon and although you can do spurts of sprinting, it’s best to slow it down to really soak in the journey.

Onto the bigger city of Penang!