Siem Reap: Temples Overload

By Alan

Siem Reap, best known for the 50+ temples around the Angkor Wat area. That’s where I spent one and a half of my days and the rest along pub street.

It rained two of my days here which allowed me to sit at cafés and catch up on a bit of work and on my blog posts.

One thing that is a must see when in Siem Reap is the local circus show.


I booked a photography tour for one of my days at the temples which ran for about 10 hours. I learned so much about photography with Eric Vries that I’m starting to look at things differently. I’m confident in my technical aspects of photography but still new to using a camera itself. Eric, coming from an old school analog camera background, taught me how to have a better eye for things and how to really use the camera as an extension of yourself.

I also had a private shooting session with monks at a remote temple. I’ve never really done portrait photography before so this was a great beginner workshop to get my feet wet.

Details. Something I feel I forget to look into and get stuck in walking by things and taking “snaps”. Eric taught me to not be afraid to go close to things and really get in there. The mix of a tour, lessons, and actual shooting made it more of a workshop than a typical tour.


The circus performers are all from a performing arts school that is free to all students. The performers come from rough lives and becoming an artist is a way to escape poverty. You can see the passion when they’re on stage in wanting to put on a good show.

This was better than any cirque de Soleil show I’ve seen. There’s no special effects with lighting, sound, etc. Along with the amazing acrobats there’s a story that is well told throughout the show.


3 weeks of strictly Asian food has really made me miss a bit of western. Especially one of my favourite cuisines… Italian! Luckily in Siem Reap there was a great Italian restaurant named IL forno which satisfied my pizza and pasta cravings.